TRIPLE WEAPON SWAP is an advanced setting that automatically switches between CLASS 1 (Primary Weapon), CLASS 2 (Secondary Weapon) and CLASS 3 (Third Weapon) when you TAP / HOLD OR , allowing you to have different WEAPON FIRE MODS for each weapon.

TRIPLE WEAPON SWAP will sometimes DESYNC, on the in-game menu, loading screens, after using a super and occasionally on death and respawn.  It may even have lost sync when you first use it.  Destiny 2's Triple Weapon Swap is incredibly easy to resync.
  • To RESYNC TRIPLE WEAPON SWAP, WHILE QUICKLY HOLDING , TAP OR .  This will automatically switch around to your Primary Weapon and resync the MOD.  You can even resync by simply switching to your Third Weapon and switching back to your Primary Weapon.

  • If DESTINY 2 is in FPS MOD MODE (F SLOT), it will indicate the current position of WEAPON SWAP via the STRIKEPACK LEDS.
  • BRIGHT 1 = CLASS 1,   BRIGHT 2 = CLASS 2,   BRIGHT 3 = CLASS 3.   Keep in mind that if a CLASS has NO active MOD, it WILL NOT be light up.

Quick Shortcuts: WHILE HOLDING :
  • TAP R2 / RT to switch to, or toggle Rapid Fire  (ON:  Heavy Rumble + Green flash on PS4 / OFF:  Light Rumble).
  • TAP R1 / RB to switch to, or toggle Auto Burst   (ON:  Heavy Rumble + Red flash on PS4 / OFF:  Light Rumble).
  • TAP L1 / LB to switch to, or toggle Fusion Charge  (ON:  Heavy Rumble + Blue flash on PS4 / OFF:  Light Rumble).
  • TAP L2 / LT to switch to, or toggle Quick Scope   (ON:  Heavy Rumbles + Purple flash on PS4 / OFF:  Light Rumble).
If TRIPLE WEAPON SWAP is ENABLED, this will ONLY change the CLASS that it is currently swapped to, so make sure that it is synced with your current weapon.
For information on the function and utilization of WEAPON FIRE MODS, see the WEAPON FIRE section.