This GAMEPACK can be saved to any of the GAMEPACK Slots 1-8.  To enter GAMEPACK Mode:
STRIKEPACK™ Eliminator:
  • WHILE HOLDING MAPPING BUTTON #1, TAP ACTION BUTTON #2 or #1 to navigate through the 8 Slot LEDS.
    STRIKEPACK™ Dominator:
  • WHILE HOLDING the LEFT MAPPING BUTTON, TAP the RIGHT PADDLE or the LEFT PADDLE to navigate through the 8 Slot LEDS.
    GAMEPACK Mode:
  • The Gear Head Eyes on the back of the STRIKEPACK™ will flash Blue & White (PlayStation®) / Green & White (Xbox®).
  • When you are selecting the GAMEPACK, the STRIKEPACK™ LEDs will display the currently selected GAMEPACK slot.
  • Hold Mapping Button #1 / Left Mapping Button to check which GAMEPACK slot is selected.