Introducing the COD MW 22 GAMEPACK.
Choose between two flexible systems for managing your weapon optimizations.  Loadout Selector (Weapon Swap) with up to four primary and secondary weapon loadouts, or Direct Swap with up to six weapon slots.
Set your favourite weapons in MOD Central, and use them in combination with the in-game Loadout Marker.  (Weapon AI is planned for this pack in the near future, it is currently delayed until further notice as we are trying to ensure it launches in the best possible state).
Rapid Fire is applied to semi-automatic weapons, Optimized Anti-Recoil provides a great starting point for reducing base weapon recoil, using sophisticated in-house techniques to remove as much recoil as possible.  Quick Edit allows you to further fine tune Anti-Recoil and compensate for various weapon attachments.
  • Aim Assist, Auto Focus, Dive Jump, Dive Sprint, Optimized Anti-Recoil, Ping Shot, Quickscope, Rapid Fire, Slide YY, Spring Swap, and more!
    This is an early version of the pack:
  • Please note this manual is work in progress and may have a few rough edges at this time.  We wanted to get this out to you as quickly as we could.  Some planned features will not have made the cut for this first version.
  • There are some known weapons that need further tuning and a different approach: TAQ-V, M16, Lachmann-762 - please do not ask us about these as we are aware of them.
  • The packs shorter name is representative of how we will be naming packs going forward.
  • There are no videos yet, however this pack is structure-wise very similar to the following pack, so you can refer to its instructions.  COD WZ Optimized - MOD PASS Playlist

COD MW 22 MOD PASS Playlist coming soon, for now please refer to the following game's playlist as the GAMEPACK is largely the same in setup for the most part!