The ADVANCED SHOOTER MODPACK/GAMEPACK is an addition to the MOD Pass subscription service that allows relatively experienced users to go beyond the functionality of the built-in FPS MODS and it can serve as a replacement for those that feel comfortable with it.
This MODPACK/GAMEPACK can be setup in MOD Central to occupy the F SLOT replacing the built-in FPS MOD Mode (MODPACK), or it can occupy a GAMEPACK SLOT (GAMEPACK).  The instructions will slightly vary based on your decision but both are covered here.
This PACK can be considered a tool for experimentation at the user end in MOST First Person Shooters (FPS), Third Person Shooters or other genres with similar gameplay mechanics.  Our support team is unable to provide advice for individual games.  Optimized settings and game-specific MODS can be found in dedicated GAMEPACKS.
This PACK utilizes an individual button matching system that can be manipulated to match MOST in-game button layouts.
ADVANCED PROFILE SYSTEM, the heart of this PACK bundles your Weapon Fire, Additional MODS and Anti-Recoil together into a neat package of 3 profiles that you can switch between at will, either manually or automatically with MODS such as Weapon Swap or Spring Loaded Sidearm if your game is compatible.
ADDITIONAL MODS include an enormous amount of popular MODS spanning a simple CROUCH AIM to an adjustable ADS AIM ASSIST(+).
ADS Auto Ping (Spot), Auto Hold Breath, Cover Fire, Drop Shot, Dynamic Fire, Quick Scope, Rapid Fire, Strafe Fire, Turbo Melee and much more!