In the GAMEPACK Config, select your optional Global MODs.
Global MOD is a grouping of miscellaneous yet helpful MODs.

0: Disabled
Global MOD is Disabled by default.
1: Auto Run [AR]
While FULLY TILTING your MOVE STICK FORWARD, this MOD will attempt to automatically sprint.
  • Auto Run functions best with the following in-game settings: uncheck "Hold to Sprint" and check "Maintain Sprint".
2: Block Rumble [BR]
Vibration or rumble signals that the game is sending will be blocked.  This is a MOD friendly way to block controller rumbles. 
3: Rapid Melee [RM]
While HOLDING your MELEE button, this MOD will repeatedly and rapidly melee.
  • This MOD will provide you with the best chance of winning a melee battle.
  • Note: If your ammo counter is LESS than full, a game-specific technique will cause you to melee significantly faster.
Combinations - Refer to Acronyms
You can use several combinations of Global MODs.  Look at the acronyms at the end of each MOD.  For example, AR is Auto Run.

Warning: Global MODs can affect menus, cloaking, and vehicles based on what buttons are shared, and they may cause you to switch seats or exit the vehicle.
See the Weapon Swap section for information about disabling MODs for vehicles or any other situations, etc.