In the GAMEPACK Config, select your optional Global MODs.
Global MOD is a grouping of miscellaneous yet helpful MODs.

0: Disabled
Global MOD is Disabled by default.
1: Block Rumble [BR]
Vibration or rumble signals that the game is sending will be blocked.  This is a MOD friendly way to block controller rumbles. 
2: Rapid Melee [RM]
While HOLDING your MELEE button, this MOD will repeatedly and rapidly melee.
  • This MOD will provide you with the best chance of winning a melee battle.
Combinations - Refer to Acronyms
You can use several combinations of Global MODs.  Look at the acronyms at the end of each MOD.  For example, RM is Rapid Melee.

Warning: Global MODs can affect menus and certain gameplay functions based on what buttons are shared.
See the Weapon Swap section for information about disabling MODs for certain situations, etc.