• STEP 1:  Sit at the Five Finger Fillet table, place your bet and begin the game.

  • STEP 2:  When your opponent is getting ready to start their turn and the option to ZOOM becomes available, immediately HOLD the ZOOM button.

  • STEP 3:  WHILE ZOOMING, enter the sequence of 6 buttons in order of your opponent's thumb to their pinky.  Once you have entered the final button, RELEASE the ZOOM button.

  • STEP 3:  The sequence is now recorded.  When it is your turn, WHILE AIMING DOWN SIGHTS & HOLDING , PRESS OR to playback the sequence at superhuman speed.  A pulsing rumble will be felt during playback.

NOTE:  TAP L2 / LT to shut off playback between turns and when you finish the game.