All Menu Classes and Adjustable values from MOD Central can be adjusted from the GAMEPACK Menu.
GAMEPACKS are organized into Menu Classes, and Adjustables:
  • Menu Classes, such as Menu Class 1: Weapon Fire, represent MODS that will generally augment your controller's outputs.  The core of all GAMEPACKS.
There are different ways to enter Menu Mode, "Default", "Pass Through" and "Legacy".
This can be selected via the Activator setting:
  • "Default":  HOLD and , or and together for a second.  When you feel a heavy rumble, you can release both buttons.  The gameplay function of these buttons will only be outputted with a long hold or upon their release to prevent in-game menus from unexpectedly opening.
  • "Pass Through":  Entering Menu Mode is the same as "Default".  The gameplay function of these buttons will always be outputted without delay, but in-game menus will open and close while you are using the Activator.
  • "Legacy Menu Entry":  HOLD for 5 seconds.  When you feel a heavy rumble, you can release the D-PAD.
Once you have entered Menu Mode, you will feel a constant, mild rumble.
You will start in the Main Menu:
Here you can navigate between Menu Classes and select MODS.  You will also feel a constant, mild rumble in Menu Mode.
To navigate between Menu Classes:
  • TAP , , or to navigate LEFT.
  • TAP , , or to navigate RIGHT.
    Your currently selected Menu Class will be represented by BRIGHT LEDS on the STRIKEPACK.
    To select your MOD:
  • TAP or to navigate through the list of MODS within the currently selected Menu Class.
    Your currently enabled MOD will be indicated by counting the PlayStation® Lightbar flashes, or Xbox® rumbles.
    For the Button & Stick Layouts section, your currently selected layout will be indicated by counting the PlayStation® Lightbar flashes, or Xbox® rumbles.
To exit the Main Menu and return to gameplay, TAP or .
NOTE:  If you disconnect the STRIKEPACK or change GAMEPACKS without properly exiting Menu Mode, all settings will remain unchanged.
If a Menu Class or MOD has extra adjustable settings related to it, you can find them in Adjustment Menu Mode.
To enter Adjustment Menu Mode, TAP or .
  • While you are in Adjustment Menu Mode, the Menu Class LEDS will begin to flash.
  • The PlayStation® Lightbar will initially display White, but it will change colour depending on what you are adjusting.
  • While adjusting settings, the current setting will be represented by DIM LEDS on the STRIKEPACK.
To exit the Adjustment Menu and return to the Main Menu, TAP or .
You can find a list of adjustable settings in Menu Mode Setup.
If you want to revert all changes to a Menu Class and all related Adjustables, you can use the Menu Class Reset feature.
To reset the current Menu Class and ALL related Adjustables to their default settings:
  • HOLD or until you feel a heavy rumble, or see a Green PlayStation® Lightbar flash.
  • If you want to Master Reset EVERY Menu Class and Adjustable setting, continue to HOLD or until all STRIKEPACK LEDS light up and flash 3 times.  The PlayStation® Lightbar will also gradate from Green to Red, and flash 3 times.
    IMPORTANT:  Master Reset is a quality of life feature that allows you to quickly reset your settings.  It is NOT useful for troubleshooting any potential issues that you may experience with the GAMEPACK; for that you should use Factory Reset which can be done through MOD Central.