PROFILE SWITCH MODE determines how you will select WEAPON PROFILES.
If you are unsure of which setting to go with, wait until after you have seen the "WEAPON PROFILES / AI" section.

MANUAL is simple to use.  Keep note of your profile setup as you will need to select the appropriate profile whenever you switch between your Primary and Secondary Weapons.  See the WEAPON PROFILES / AI section for information on selecting profiles during gameplay.

WEAPON SWAP automatically switches between PROFILE 1 (Primary Weapon) and PROFILE 2 (Secondary Weapon) when you TAP OR .  This automates the process of switching profiles whenever you switch between your Primary and Secondary Weapons BUT it will sometimes DESYNC, on the in-game menu or lobby, loading screens and especially on death and respawn beacon.
  • To RESYNC WEAPON SWAP, switch to your PRIMARY WEAPON and select PROFILE 1 with & OR .

  • PS4 will flash LIGHTBAR COLOURS that match the corresponding PROFILE BUTTONS when switching with MANUAL or WEAPON SWAP.​
  • XB1 will flash WHITE for PROFILE 1 and GREEN for PROFILE 2 when switching with WEAPON SWAP.
  • WEAPON SWAP (PS4 SOLID LIGHTBAR) changes the LIGHTBAR COLOUR when switching profile to help you to keep track of its current position.  It will go WHITE when your weapon is holstered or a grenade is selected and it will go YELLOW when you activate your ability.