QUICK MODS are NOT saved settings.  They DO NOT appear in MOD Central and they will ONLY persist as ON for as long as the STRIKEPACK is plugged in or selected on this GAMEPACK:

STICK RECORD MODE:  WHILE HOLDING TOUCHPAD / VIEW, PRESS & HOLD R3 / RS until you feel a rumble to switch the Stick Record Mode   (Allow Sticks: One Heavy Rumble / Record Sticks: Two Heavy Rumbles / Block Sticks: Light Rumble).
  • Block Sticks is the default mode.  While you are recording, any Analog Stick movement will be blocked.
  • Allow Sticks allows the movement of the Analog Sticks while you are recording, but this movement WILL NOT be recorded.
  • Record Sticks allows the recording of the Analog Sticks, capturing your approximate stick movements.  As this is an approximation, please manage your expectations.