The ADVANCED ACTION GAMEPACK is an addition to the MOD Pass subscription service that allows relatively experienced users to record and playback their own combination of buttons, known as actions.
  • This GAMEPACK can be setup in MOD Central to occupy the F SLOT replacing the built-in FPS MOD Mode, or it can occupy a GAMEPACK SLOT.
  • This PACK can be considered a tool for experimentation at the user end in MOST Action, 3D/2D Brawlers, Fighting, Sports, or any game where a sequence or combination of button presses may be desired.  Our support team is unable to provide advice for individual games.  Optimized settings and game-specific MODS can be found in dedicated GAMEPACKS.
  • ADVANCED ACTION SYSTEM uses the STRIKEPACK LEDS to inform you how much total recording space is left.
  • ACTION REPEAT allows you to record and playback a single long action, four shorter ones or anything in between.
  • ACTION LOOP allows you to repeat your action on a loop, allowing you hold or toggle...  create your own simple idle generators.
  • Easily clear current actions at any moment to regain recording space.
  • Turbo Assign, Turbo Button, Turbo Paddle, and more!