The ADVANCED ACTION GAMEPACK is an addition to the MOD Pass subscription service that allows relatively experienced users to record and playback their own combination of buttons, known as actions.
This GAMEPACK can be setup in MOD Central to occupy the F SLOT replacing the built-in FPS MOD Mode, or it can occupy a GAMEPACK SLOT.
This PACK can be considered a tool for experimentation at the user end in MOST Action, 3D/2D Brawlers, Fighting, Sports, or any game where a sequence or combination of button presses may be desired.  Our support team is unable to provide advice for individual games.  Optimized settings and game-specific MODS can be found in dedicated GAMEPACKS.
ADVANCED ACTION SYSTEM uses the STRIKEPACK LEDS to inform you how much total recording space is left.
ACTION REPEAT allows you to record and playback a single long action, four shorter ones or anything in between.
ACTION LOOP allows you to repeat your action on a loop, allowing you hold or toggle...  create your own simple idle generators.
Easily clear current actions at any moment to regain recording space.
Turbo Assign, Turbo Button, Turbo Paddle, and more!