ULTRA TARGET ASSIST as well as Aim Assist+ are aim assisting MODS that should NEVER be confused with an Aimbot.  Think of them as a small pull towards enemy targets as they move past your crosshairs:
You will still have to...
  • AIM and FULLY GUIDE your AIMING STICK in the direction that the target is moving in.
  • ALWAYS PROMOTE ACCURACY.  If you are NOT being noticed or fired on, limit your movement.

    BOTH the ULTRA ASSIST and AIM ASSIST+ MODS will slightly shake the camera which is part of their normal function.
    The ASSIST ASSIST+ and ZOMBIE ABUSE MODS will repeatedly aim in and out which is part of its normal function.  This will interfere with scoped weapons.  This can be avoided as the MOD will NOT activate if the ADS TRIGGER is LESS than fully held.
  • If you have a high enough ping that you have to lead shots then it may render the MOD and the in-game assist mechanics ineffective.
  • If the ADS Anti-Recoil MOD is ON, the Ultra Target Assist / Aim Assist+ MODS will stop while you are FIRING down the sights so that ADS Anti-Recoil can effectively control your recoil.  This ADS Anti-Recoil will still encourage the in-game assist mechanics so there is no need to worry.