AIM ASSIST is a MOD that will maximize the in-game assist mechanics to subtly assist your aim at all possible times.  Typically it is visible as a small pull towards enemy targets that move past your crosshairs.
MOD 1AIM ASSIST ALWAYS ACTIVE:  The Aim Assist MOD will be activated at all times.
MOD 2AIM ASSIST ON ADS:  WHILE AIMING DOWN SIGHTS, the Aim Assist MOD will be activated.
MOD 3AIM ASSIST ON FIRE:  WHILE FIRING, the Aim Assist MOD will be activated.

You MUST enable the Aim Assist MOD for the following settings to take effect!
The following settings would be extremely difficult to figure out in MOD Central.  We recommend following the instructions below to perform this adjustment on your controller during gameplay.

AIM ASSIST: INTENSITY determines how intensely the Aim Assist MOD will shake your camera.  If the value is too low, the MOD will be ineffective.  If the value is too high, the MOD will become visually distracting and may hinder the assist.  If you are unsure, leave it at the default value.

AIM ASSIST: DRIFT CORRECTION DEGREE determines the angle at which the MOD tries to correct any camera drift that you may experience while using the Aim Assist MOD.

AIM ASSIST: DRIFT CORRECTION STRENGTH determines the strength of the drift correction.

These optional adjustable settings allow you to fine tune the Aim Assist MOD to your preferences.  As stated, these are optional and if you find them overwhelming, feel free to leave them at the default setting.
Please DO NOT ask us for the best settings / valuesThe ideal values are different for everyone and they will change for different consoles, sensitivities, response curves, and more.
STEP 1:  Enable Aim Assist in the MOD Central Game Pack configuration.

STEP 2:  Once you are hooked up to your console and in-game, enter the Game Pack’s Menu Mode by HOLDING for over five seconds.  You will need to continue HOLDING for the entire process!
Navigate to CLASS 5 - AIM ASSIST.  If you have just entered Game Pack mode, all you will need to do is TAP OR four times to navigate over to this.

STEP 3:  Optionally, TAP L1 / LB to decrease or R1 / RB to increase the Aim Assist: Intensity.  This will change how much the Aim Assist MOD will shake your camera.  Too low and it may become ineffective.  Too high and it may become distracting, hindering the assist.  Just ensure that you can at least see some shaking:
  • HOLD L2 / LT at any time to test the current Aim Assist settings.

STEP 4:  WHILE HOLDING L2 / LT, you can PRESS R3 / RS to enter the Drift Calibration mode... you will feel one heavy rumble.  From this point on, while you are HOLDING L2 / LT, any camera movement that you make will be converted into Aim Assist: Drift Correction Degree.
The Aim Assist: Drift Correction Strength is based on how far you are moving the analog stick away from the center (the resting position).
  • You might not even have drift to begin with but let us say for example, there is a slight drift to the upper left.
    WHILE HOLDING L2 / LT, move your camera stick slightly towards the lower right until it stops drifting.  In this mode, you can manually adjust the Aim Assist: Drift Correction Strength, if you want to, by using the L1 / LB or R1 / RB.
    If you wish to start again, you can reset the Aim Assist: Drift Correction by HOLDING L2 / LT & R3 / RS together until you feel two heavy rumbles.

STEP 5Once you are happy with the result, you can RELEASE .  Your changes will have already been saved.