Quick Edit Anti-Recoil is a feature that you may wish to use in 1 of 3 scenarios:
1) When you are aimed on target, the in-game Aim Assist mechanic can slightly throw off Anti-Recoil; if this bothers you, you can compensate this to your preference by increasing the Anti-Recoil Strength to make up for it with the Quick Edit feature.
2) If your weapon is currently unlisted/unsupported, you will have no choice but to pick Regular Fire for a fully automatic weapon or Rapid Fire for a semi-automatic weapon; you can then adjust the generic base Anti-Recoil Strength to better match your current weapon with the Quick Edit feature.
3) When you are using weapon-specific Anti-Recoil, applied by selecting the appropriate weapon in MOD Central Weapon Setup, or by using Weapon AI on a supported weapon, all optimizations are designed around each weapon's default in-game fire mode and base recoil pattern, with all Extended Mag type attachments accounted for.  Other attachments can alter the recoil pattern which will in turn reduce the accuracy and effectiveness of the weapon-specific Anti-Recoil.
  • You can either decide to NOT use the offending attachment, or you can compensate for some of this inaccuracy with the Quick Edit feature.
  • The last barrel attachment for each weapon, and all barrels that change your fire rate or ammo capacity are UNSUPPORTED for Weapon AI or Weapon Profiles.

Ensure that you are using the correct weapon and Weapon Profile.
  • It is recommended to point at a wall where you will clearly see any bullet patterns.
    While Aiming Down Sights, begin firing and TAP to activate Quick Edit Mode.
  • You MUST remain Aiming Down Sights to stay in Quick Edit Mode until you are finished adjusting.
    If the recoil pattern is pulling up too much on average, continue to TAP to increase (+) the vertical strength.
    If the recoil pattern is pulling down too much on average, TAP to decrease (-) the vertical strength.
    If the weapon's recoil pattern seems to cause too much horizontal movement, TAP to increase (+) the horizontal strength.
    If the Anti-Recoil itself seems to cause too much horizontal movement, TAP to decrease (-) the horizontal strength.
    When you find the Anti-Recoil result to be good enough, RELEASE the Aim Down Sights button to save and exit Quick Edit Mode.
    The saved values will be reflected in MOD Central if you wish to write them down for future reference when using this weapon.
    To quickly reset the vertical and horizontal strength to the default 0 value:
    WHILE HOLDING or , HOLD or until you feel 2 heavy rumbles.