This GAMEPACK needs to know your Active Featured Legend at all times to apply the MODs correctly.
Warning: Issues will occur with Weapon Swap Automatic if there is a mismatch between the GAMEPACK's Active Featured Legend - MATCH in-game setting and the game itself.
Because a player on your team may pick your Active Featured Legend, the GAMEPACK allows you to change between four favourite Featured Legends on-the-fly.
You will need to setup Featured Legend 1, 2, 3, 4 beforehand in the GAMEPACK Config.

You can change your Active Featured Legend during gameplay, selecting from the four favourite Featured Legends that you setup earlier.

While HOLDING , , or the ACTIVATOR PADDLE BUTTON: TAP or once and the LEDs will display your Active Featured Legend.
Continue to TAP or to cycle through your four favourite Featured Legends (1 to 4 from left to right) to change your Active Featured Legend.
RELEASE , , or the ACTIVATOR PADDLE BUTTON to confirm your selection.
Active Featured Legend 1:
Active Featured Legend 2:
Active Featured Legend 3:
Active Featured Legend 4: