The APEX OLD GAMEPACK is an older discontinued pack that we have kept available on the request of our legacy customers.  Please DO NOT request updates as this pack can NO LONGER receive updates due to technical reasons.  You can adjust its Anti-Recoil to your liking with Quick Edit.
A new and improved Apex Royale GAMEPACK is now available.  You can get a similar experience to Apex Old by setting Apex Royale to "For Support Purposes ONLY: 255" and "Anti-Recoil Mode: On-Enemy").
Features of Apex Old:
By utilizing an individual button matching system instead of preset button layouts, this pack supports a broad range of in-game control schemes.
Optimize your weapons with WEAPON PROFILES / AI detection, applying the optimal Weapon Fire MOD and weapon-specific ADS Anti-Recoil optimized for when you are aiming on the enemy player to HEAVILY REDUCE RECOIL.
Save to Weapon Profiles on-the-fly and switch between profiles at will, either manually or automatically with Weapon Swap.
ADS ANTI-RECOIL - QUICK EDIT allows you to adjust the optimized result to bring it closer in line with attachments and other settings.
ADS Aim Assist, Dynamic Fire, Easy Activators, Holster Run, Ping on Fire, Rapid Fire, Slide & Go and much more!

APEX OLD GAMEPACK will NO LONGER receive updates.  A new and improved Apex Royale GAMEPACK is now available.