All adjustable MODS can be adjusted in MOD Central.  This section provides information on adjusting them on your controller using Menu Mode.
For a visualization of how a typical GAMEPACK's Menu Mode works in practice, please see either PS4 Dominator, XB1 Dominator, or XB1 Eliminator.
  • To enter Menu Mode, HOLD for at least 5 seconds.
  • You MUST remain HOLDING to stay in Menu Mode:
Menu Mode Navigation:
  • or navigates UP a CLASS.
  • or navigates DOWN a CLASS.
  • TAPPING a PADDLE / ACTION BUTTON instantly navigates to the CLASS for that PADDLE / ACTION BUTTON.
  • GREEN LIGHTBAR (PS4) / WHITE LED (XB1) flashes indicate the currently selected CLASS number.
  • or navigates UP a MOD within the currently selected CLASS.
  • or navigates DOWN a MOD within the currently selected CLASS.
  • This will change your currently ENABLED MOD!
  • PURPLE LIGHTBAR (PS4) / GREEN LED (XB1) flashes indicate the currently ENABLED MOD number.
  • You MUST be selected on the correct MOD to adjust it.
  • A single adjustable may be (Shared) by several MODS.
Number of Green (PS4) / White (XB1) flashes
Number of Purple (PS4) / Green (XB1) flashes
You MUST be selected on the correct MOD to adjust it
A single adjustable may be (Shared) by several MODS
1. Weapon Fire
0: Profile Fire (Recommended)
1: Rapid Fire (Forced - Disables Profiles)
2: Dynamic Fire (Optional)
2. ADS Aim Assist
1: Aim Assist
2: Aim Assist+
Aim Assist / Aim Assist+ -
Strength:  L1 / LB Decrease |  R1 / RB Increase  |  L2 / LT Test
Number of Red flashes (PS4) / RT rumbles (XB1)  |  1-35 (0 is OFF)
13 works well for most sensitivities
If the camera shaking seems excessive or nonexistent, lower or raise the value accordingly until it is subtle but visible
WARNING:  DO NOT set the Aim Assist Strength too high as it is redundant and causes excessive weapon drifting due to in-game inaccuracies and sway
3. ADS Anti-Recoil
1: Enabled - Quick Edit
2: Enabled Inverted - Quick Edit
3: Enabled
4: Enabled Inverted
4. Sniper Mode
1: Quick Scope on Tap
2: Quick Scope on Tap (Shotgun)
3: Quick Scope on Release
4: Sniper Focus
5. Agility Mode
1: Holster Run
6. Shot Mode
1: Ping on Fire
2: Crouch Aim
3: Hop Shot
4: Crouch Aim & Ping on Fire
5: Crouch Aim & Hop Shot
6: Strafe Fire
7: Circle Strafe Fire
8: Crouch Fire
9: ADS Crouch Fire
10: Rapid Crouch Fire
11: ADS Rapid Crouch Fire
12: Rapid Crouch Hip Fire
7. Left Paddle / AB #1
8. Right Paddle / AB #2
9. Action Button #3
10. Action Button #4
1: Rapid Fire
2: Slide & Go
3: Slide & Fire
4: Slide & Reload
5: Slide 180
6: Hop Slide
7: Spring Loaded Rapid Fire
8: Turbo Paddle
9: MOD Blocker
10: Easy Grenade
11: Easy Activators
12: Bunny Hop (Jump)
13: Crouch Aim
14: Rapid Crouch
15: Rapid Crouch Aim
16: Strafe Fire
17: Circle Strafe Fire
18: Crouch Fire
19: Rapid Crouch Fire