EASY FATALITY DOES NOT appear in MOD Central as it is always available to use but please make sure that you have performed the GAMEPACK SETUP for your fighter here:
  • If you are using the STRIKEPACK ELIMINATOR device, please substitute references to ANY PADDLE with ACTION BUTTON #1 or #2.

  • When your opponent is stunned and near death, walk directly towards your opponent in a SINGLE DIRECTION, ideally with the D-PAD, until you are next to your opponent.
  • Your next move MUST be to TAP the PADDLE.  Fatality 1 is on LEFT PADDLE and Fatality 2 is on RIGHT PADDLE.
  • Keep in mind that some Fatalities require extra space so if you are pushed up against the corner of the stage, jump over your opponent and perform the EASY FATALITY from the other side.