• If you are using the STRIKEPACK ELIMINATOR device, please substitute references to LEFT / RIGHT PADDLE with ACTION BUTTON #1 / #2.

(Criminal Minds is no longer available; ONLY CyclePath remains).
  • STEP 1:  Navigate to GTA Online and wait until you are in-game.  Make sure that you are in third person view!

  • STEP 2:  PRESS OPTIONS / MENU to bring up the menu then navigate to Online and select Options.
  • You MUST use the following settings:  Allow Spectators: Off, Matchmaking: Closed, Remain Host after Next Job Vote Screen: On.

STEP 3:  Select Jobs then select Play Job.  From the Play Job menu, slect Rockstar Created then select Races.  From Races select CyclePath and confirm Start Job.

STEP 4:  From the CyclePath menu, WHILE HOLDING RIGHT PADDLE, PRESS L1 / LB to start up the PAYBACK SYSTEM (Heavy Rumble and flashes).

NOTE:  The PAYBACK SYSTEM GENERATOR will continue to gain VIRTUAL CURRENCY or VC (and improve your STAMINA SKILL) for as long as you have a stable connection to the server.  When you wish to shut off the generator, simply repeat the button presses in Step 4 (Light Rumble).
WARNINGS:  Due to the snow physics during the Winter Event, this generator will be unsuccessful / cannot be used during this time of year.
This generator performs actions that will give the appearance that it is stuck.  These random actions are there for a reason and the generator is functioning as intended.  The in-game physics can also cause the generator to become temporarily stuck.  If you leave the generator be, it will recover on its own (within 20 minutes at worst).

WARNING:  The use of in-game generators may be a violation of a given publishers terms of use agreement.  PLEASE USE THEM RESPONSIBLY.  The use of such generators is at the sole risk of the subscriber.  While these bans are rare, Mod Pass accepts no responsibility for account bans, suspensions or deactivations associated with such violations.