In the GAMEPACK Config, you are strongly encouraged to setup all four loadouts to MATCH four weapon loadouts that you have setup in the game itself.
This will reduce any dependency on the Weapon Selector.
This game CANNOT support the Weapon AI detection feature that we have used in past games.
We have included a Weapon Selector feature with the ability for you to change weapon slots using the STRIKEPACK™ LEDs but you will need to refer to this manual and it takes time to count the LEDs.
You MUST first ensure that you are on the Active Loadout/Weapon that you intend to change, and synced to your current weapon:
If you are unsure of how to check, refer to Loadout Selector and Weapon Swap (or Direct Swap) and read them thoroughly.

The STRIKEPACK™ will display flashing LEDs.  The bank of four LEDs can change sides; this is to help with the counting of flashes that you will be doing shortly.  For now, pay sole attention to the single LED on its own; this is the Weapon Category LED.
Navigate to the Weapon Category that your weapon belongs to:  TAP , or to navigate left; TAP , or to navigate right.
TAP or to cycle through the available weapons within the selected Weapon Category.  Each time you feel a rumble, the flashing count restarts.  Count the number of flashes from the moment that you feel the rumble to determine which weapon you are selected on and when you are on the correct weapon, RELEASE , , or the ACTIVATOR PADDLE BUTTON to confirm your selection.
Weapon Category
Weapon Category LED
Weapons Within Category (Count Flashes)
Key for Possible Optimizations:  Anti-Recoil (AR), Controlled Fire (CF), Rapid Fire (RF).
1: Regular Fire
2: Rapid Fire
3: Tap Quickscope
4: Release Quickscope
5: Regular Akimbo Fire
6: Rapid Akimbo Fire
Assault Rifles:
1: STG44  (AR)
2: Automaton  (AR)
3: Itra Burst (AR, RF)
4: Bar (AR)
5: AS44 (AR)
6: NZ-41  (AR, CF)
7: Volkssturmgewehr  (AR)
8: Cooper Carbine  (AR)
1: MP-40 (AR)
2: Sten (AR)
3: M1928 (AR)
4: Owen Gun (AR)
5: Type 100 (AR)
6: PPSH-41 (AR)
1: Einhorn Revolving (RF)
2: Combat Shotgun (RF)
3: Gracey Auto (RF)
4: Double Barrel (RF)
1: MG42 (AR)
2: DP27 (AR)
3: Type 11 (AR)
4: Bren (CF)
Marksman Rifles:
1: M1 Garand (AR, RF)
2: SVT-40 (AR, RF)
3: G-43 (AR, RF)
Sniper Rifles:
1: Type 99 (RF)
2: 3-Line Rifle (RF)
3: KAR98K (RF)
4: Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (RF)
1: Ratt (AR, RF)
2: Top Break (AR, RF)
3: 1911 (AR, RF)
4: Klauser (AR, RF)
5: Machine Pistol (AR)

Generic: Regular Fire
Your weapon will fire exactly as it normally fires.
Generic: Rapid Fire
HOLD your FIRE button to fire your semi-automatic weapon at its maximum speed (adjustable).
  • Warning: If used with a fully automatic weapon, set it in-game to single shot or burst to avoid a slower fire rate.
Generic: Tap Quickscope
QUICKLY TAP & RELEASE your AIM DOWN SIGHTS button to automatically scope in and fire your sniper rifle (adjustable).  HOLD to scope in without firing.
  • This MOD can help you to perform similar techniques to pro players, picking off others with surprise sniper shots.
Generic: Release Quickscope
HOLD the AIM DOWN SIGHTS button to scope in your sniper rifle, and RELEASE when you are ready to fire.  Your SWITCH WEAPON button will cancel firing.
  • This MOD can help you to perform similar techniques to pro players, picking off others with surprise sniper shots.
Generic: Akimbo Regular Fire
Use just your FIRE button to fire your dual weapons exactly as they normally fire.
Generic: Akimbo Rapid Fire
HOLD just your FIRE button to fire your dual semi-automatic weapons at their maximum speed.
Optimized Weapon
For the best experience, select a weapon to be optimized.  On a per weapon basis, this may apply Optimized Anti-Recoil, Regular/Rapid Fire, and in special cases where the recoil is highly randomized, controlled fire techniques will be applied to reduce recoil.  DO NOT be alarmed if a weapon fires slower.

Warning: Rapid Fire (applied to some weapon optimizations) and Akimbo Fire can MODs can potentially interfere with menus or certain gameplay functions if they share the FIRE button.
See the Weapon Swap or Direct Swap sections for information about disabling MODs for certain situations, etc.

GAMEPACK Config Adjustables Related to Weapon Selector:

Quickscope Time -
This adjustable affects how long the Tap Quickscope and Autohold Breath MODs will wait for you to fully scope in.  Tap Quickscope will fire too early if the value is set too low or too late if the value is set too high.  The default value is 450 milliseconds which is a middle ground for most sniper rifles but ideally you should match it as closely as possible to the time that it takes your weapon to scope in.