This GAMEPACK contains four loadouts, each able to contain their own Primary and Secondary Weapon Fire Mode and Anti-Recoil settings.
This is effectively four sets of Primary and Secondary Weapons, or eight weapons that you can setup either in the GAMEPACK Config or during gameplay.

When the Anti-Recoil MOD is adjusted correctly for your current weapon, it will digitally move your AIM stick in the opposite direction of most predictable recoil, to keep your weapon steadily centered.  This MOD CANNOT remove randomized recoil or chance based inaccuracy, so keep that in mind...

In the GAMEPACK Config, you can choose between Anti-Recoil Mode settings.
ADS Anti-Recoil will apply Anti-Recoil while AIMING DOWN SIGHTS and FIRING together - for games with an Aim Down Sights button that you have to hold.
Anti-Recoil will apply Anti-Recoil while FIRING - for toggle aim button layouts, or games that lack Aim Down Sights functionality.
You can also disable Anti-Recoil altogether.

Anti-Recoil will be ineffective until it is adjusted for your current weapon!
You can adjust the Anti-Recoil values for your Active Weapon State during gameplay.
You MUST first ensure that you are on the Active Loadout that you intend to change and that Weapon Swap is synced to your current weapon:
If you are unsure of how to check, refer to Loadout Selector and Weapon Swap and read them thoroughly.

1). Position yourself first: If your game has an in-game target dummy or the ability to play against a friend in a private match, this may yield more accurate Anti-Recoil results.  Otherwise simply point at a wall where you will clearly see any bullet hole patterns.

2). Enter Quick Edit Mode: While HOLDING , , or the ACTIVATOR PADDLE BUTTON, HOLD or  until you feel a pulsing rumble.
At this point, some of your controls will be restricted.

3). HOLD the D-PAD in the direction that you wish to pull the weapon towards and keep test firing.  When using the default ADS Anti-Recoil setting, remember to AIM DOWN SIGHTS while testing.  Start with DOWNWARDS to address the vertical recoil first...  You will feel heavy rumbles as you adjust Anti-Recoil until you otherwise reach its adjustment ceiling or floor.  If you have adjusted too far with Vertical Anti-Recoil, you will be firing towards the floor...  HOLD the D-PAD UPWARDS to adjust in the opposite direction.

4). Go back and forth between test firing and adjusting with the D-PAD.  TAP the D-PAD to make fine adjustments.  If you mess things up, reset Anti-Recoil to default by HOLDING or until you feel two heavy rumbles.

5).  Once your weapon is no longer firing upwards or downwards, test for horizontal recoil:
If you have horizontal recoil in BOTH the left and right directions, Horizontal Anti-Recoil CANNOT help you.  PRESS or  to save and exit Quick Edit Mode.
If you have horizontal recoil in ONLY one direction, HOLD or TAP the D-PAD in the opposite direction: for left recoil or for right recoil.

4). To save and exit Quick Edit Mode: PRESS or  .  The pulsing rumble will stop and the saved values will be reflected in the GAMEPACK Config so that you can note them down for future reference when using this weapon.