This GAMEPACK can be in one of four Weapon States.  Primary, Secondary, Regular, and MODs Disabled.

In the GAMEPACK Config, Weapon Swap Mode is set to Automatic by default.  In step with you pressing your SWITCH WEAPON button, it will automatically swap between the Primary and Secondary Weapon States.  As long as Weapon Swap remains synced up, it will apply your Primary and Secondary MOD settings to the correct weapons.

To use Weapon Swap on its Automatic setting:
1). At the beginning of a gameplay session, switch to your in-game Primary Weapon.
TAP or to manually swap to your Primary Weapon State.
3). Repeat Steps 1 and 2 whenever Weapon Swap loses track of your current weapon (loses sync).  This will happen when the SWITCH WEAPON button is pressed out of its intended context, such as in a menu, map, vehicle, etc.  It will likely lose sync when you respawn or restart a match, when your game otherwise switches your weapon on its own, and if you swap to the Regular Weapon or MODs Disabled State.
If your game switches weapons when you run out of ammo, and there is an in-game setting for it, set it to OFF.

To manually swap Weapon States (change Weapon Swap's current position), and to swap to the Regular Weapon or MODs Disabled State as needed:
TAP or to swap to your Primary Weapon State - Primary MOD Settings.
TAP or to swap to your Secondary Weapon State - Secondary MOD Settings.
TAP or to swap to the Regular Weapon State - Disables Fire Mode & Anti-Recoil.
TAP or to swap to the MODs Disabled State - Disables All MODs.
The STRIKEPACK™ LEDs (and PlayStation® Light Bar) will assist you in keeping track of Weapon Swap's current position:
Primary Weapon State:
One Heavy Rumble, Green PlayStation® Light Bar.
Secondary Weapon State:
Two Heavy Rumbles, Red PlayStation® Light Bar.
Regular Weapon State:
Three Heavy Rumbles, Blue PlayStation® Light Bar.
MODs Disabled State:
One Light Rumble, Pink PlayStation® Light Bar.
Correct (Weapon Swap Synced):
Using Primary Weapon & Synced :)
Using Secondary Weapon & Synced :)
Incorrect (Weapon Swap Lost Sync):
Using Primary Weapon & Lost Sync :(
Using Secondary Weapon & Lost Sync :(

Warning: MODs can interfere with contextual mechanics such as vehicles; either use the MODs Disabled State, or Toggle MODs as mentioned in the Paddle Button MOD section.  The Regular Weapon State is Regular Fire without Anti-Recoil (ONLY Weapon related MODs are disabled), and this is useful when you pick up a temporary weapon.
Weapon Swap's Automatic feature will cease tracking your SWITCH WEAPON button presses while you are in the Regular Weapon or MODs Disabled State, and you will have to manually sync it back up to the correct weapon at your convenience.
If you prefer to always swap Weapon States manually or if you find that the Weapon Swap Automatic feature is too unreliable for your gameplay, simply set Weapon Swap Mode to Manual in the GAMEPACK Config.