ANTI-RECOIL MODE determines which form of ADS Anti-Recoil will be applied to the ADVANCED PROFILE SYSTEM.
  • Use "Quick Edit" if you want to be able to adjust ADS Anti-Recoil during gameplay.
  • Use "Inverted" if you have inverted your in-game Y Axis.  Inverted X Axis is UNSUPPORTED and MUST be set to DISABLE.
    See the ADVANCED PROFILE SYSTEM section for adjusting ADS Anti-Recoil with Quick Edit.

    IMPORTANT:  Type A (Toggle Aim) is UNSUPPORTED with several MODS.  These include ADS Anti-Recoil, Auto Hold Breath, Auto Lean, Crouch Aim, Quick Scope and Rapid Crouch Aim.  This is because these MODS require you to HOLD the Aim Down Sights button, which goes against the concept of toggle aim.