This Quick Start section assumes that you have MATCHED your in-game settings in the GAMEPACK Config, but have yet to otherwise change any GAMEPACK settings.
In its default configuration, this GAMEPACK contains four loadouts, each able to contain their own Primary and Secondary Optimized Weapon and optional Anti-Recoil adjustment settings.
This GAMEPACK uses bright and dim LEDs to display information.  Details on this will be covered in each section.  You can also view our video tutorials below:

Depending on whether you have a PlayStation® or Xbox® STRIKEPACK™, your LED colours and shapes will look different when they are lit up...
...but for the sake of this manual, we will just focus on whether they are bright, dim, or off.

After selecting this GAMEPACK, you will be greeted with LEDs displaying your Active Loadout along with Weapon Swap's current position.
Loadout Selector and Weapon Swap will be explained in their own sections but for now this is how your LEDs could be arranged:
While HOLDING , , or the ACTIVATOR PADDLE BUTTON: TAP or to change your Active Loadout.
Active Loadout 1:
Active Loadout 2:
Active Loadout 3:
Active Loadout 4:

On its default Automatic setting, Weapon Swap will keep track of your SWITCH WEAPON button presses...
...automatically swapping between the Primary and Secondary Weapon settings.
You will also have manual control over this as Weapon Swap Auto will lose sync with the game at times, such as upon respawning.
TAP or to swap to your Primary Weapon Settings.
TAP or to swap to your Secondary Weapon Settings.
TAP or to swap to the Regular Weapon position.
TAP or to swap to the MODs Disabled position.
The STRIKEPACK™ LEDs (and PlayStation® Light Bar) will assist you in keeping track of Weapon Swap's current position:
Primary Weapon:
One Heavy Rumble, Green PlayStation® Light Bar.
Secondary Weapon:
Two Heavy Rumbles, Red PlayStation® Light Bar.
Regular Weapon:
Three Heavy Rumbles, Blue PlayStation® Light Bar.
MODs Disabled:
One Light Rumble, Pink PlayStation® Light Bar.
Correct (Weapon Swap Synced):
Using Primary Weapon & Synced :)
Using Secondary Weapon & Synced :)
Incorrect (Weapon Swap Lost Sync):
Using Primary Weapon & Lost Sync :(
Using Secondary Weapon & Lost Sync :(

Quick Edit Anti-Recoil, explained in its own section...
...is an optional setting that provides you with the means to fine tune the Optimized Anti-Recoil for your current weapon which you may need to do if you are using weapon attachments or deviating from the recommended in-game settings in some way.  You also can use Quick Edit to manually set Anti-Recoil for any of the "Generic" fire options.
Ideally, you should have either detected the weapon beforehand with the Weapon AI *coming soon*, or assigned the weapon to the weapon slot beforehand in the GAMEPACK Config.
How you adjust Quick Edit will vary based on the Anti-Recoil Mode that you have selected:
  • Using the default Off-Enemy setting, you should be adjusting by pointing at the general environment such as walls or non-enemy targets where you will see the pattern of bullet holes.
  • Using the optional On-Enemy or Dynamic settings, you should be adjusting with a friend on the opposite team for the best result; otherwise just use a wall.  Just remember that you have to FULLY HOLD your FIRE TRIGGER all the way down when testing Dynamic on an enemy.
    Before entering Quick Edit Mode, ensure that you are synced up to your current weapon so that the correct Optimized Anti-Recoil is being applied.
     Enter Quick Edit Mode to adjust and test the Anti-Recoil for your current weapon.
    While HOLDING , , or the ACTIVATOR PADDLE BUTTON, HOLD or  until you feel a pulsing rumble.
    At this point, some of your controls will be restricted, but you will still be able to test your current weapon.  Anti-Recoil in this GAMEPACK is AIM DOWN SIGHTS ONLY so remember to do so while testing.
You will be HOLDING or TAPPING the D-PAD to adjust Anti-Recoil.  You will feel heavy rumbles as you adjust until you otherwise reach the adjustment ceiling or floor.  For the Vertical Anti-Recoil, DOWNWARDS pulls down, and UPWARDS pulls up.  For the Horizontal Anti-Recoil, RIGHTWARDS pulls right, and LEFTWARDS pulls left.
Warning: It may be impossible to achieve perceptively perfect results, especially if the weapon has randomized recoil or if the weapon attachment drastically alters the recoil pattern, so please manage your expectations.
If you mess things up, reset Anti-Recoil to default by HOLDING or until you feel two heavy rumbles.
To save and exit Quick Edit Mode, PRESS or  .