The Anti-Recoil MOD is optimized per weapon to digitally move your AIM stick in the opposite direction of most predictable recoil, keeping your weapon steadily centered.  Anti-Recoil is applied while AIMING DOWN SIGHTS and FIRING together.  This MOD CANNOT remove randomized recoil or chance based inaccuracy, so keep that in mind...

In the GAMEPACK Config, you can choose between Anti-Recoil Mode settings.  These settings are centered around addressing the in-game mechanics that assist with aiming.  These mechanics are part of the game, and they can negatively influence the Anti-Recoil effect as they adjust your aim on an enemy, so based on your playstyle, you may prefer either one of the following modes:
Standard will apply Anti-Recoil that is normal against walls and non-enemy targets.  It is also more effective at longer ranges where in-game aim assist no longer takes effect.
  • When directly aimed on an enemy, you will have to control some recoil yourself, but aiming while firing should be easier, especially at long range or when not perfectly aimed on a moving enemy.  Use walls and non-enemy targets when adjusting with Quick Edit.

    Precision will apply Anti-Recoil that is optimized against enemy targets (the training dummy counts as an enemy target).  It is basically a bit stronger to begin with, so that the pull of the in-game aim assist and aim slowdown is more accounted for.  Unfortunately, it is worse at longer ranges where in-game aim assist no longer takes effect.
  • When directly aimed on an enemy, you will have to control little to no recoil yourself which is excellent at close range, but Anti-Recoil will pull too strongly at long range or when not perfectly aimed on a moving enemy, which can make aiming while firing more difficult and less forgiving.  This mode is basically great for someone that fires efficiently and accurately on the enemy target, and doe not fire at air.  Anti-Recoil will be too strong on walls and non-enemy targets, or at extreme ranges.  Use the human-shaped training dummy when adjusting with Quick Edit.

    Trigger Dynamic will apply the best of both worlds.  If your FIRE TRIGGER is FULLY HELD all the way down, Anti-Recoil will be optimized against enemy targets.  If your FIRE TRIGGER is LESS than fully held or backed off, Anti-Recoil will be optimized against walls and non-enemy targets, and good for long range.
  • FULLY HOLD your FIRE TRIGGER when you are directly aimed on an enemy at close to mid range, and back off the FIRE TRIGGER for all other scenarios.

    You can also disable Anti-Recoil altogether.

    Default Quick Edit vs Old Quick Edit
    With Old Quick Edit, Quick Edit Mode entry and exit is similar to older Quick Edit implementations, where you enter Quick Edit Mode while you are holding Aim Down Sights and Fire together by pressing any D-Pad direction, then keep holding Aim Down Sights to stay in Quick Edit Mode.  Otherwise, Default Quick Edit instructions are as listed below:

    Quick Edit is an optional setting that provides you with the means to fine tune the Optimized Anti-Recoil for your current weapon which you may need to do if you are using weapon attachments or deviating from the recommended in-game settings in some way.  You also can use Quick Edit to manually set Anti-Recoil for any of the "Generic" fire options.
    You can adjust the Anti-Recoil values for your Active Weapon during gameplay.
    You MUST first ensure that you are on the Active Loadout/Weapon that you intend to change, and synced to your current weapon:
    If you are unsure of how to check, refer to Loadout Selector and Weapon Swap (or Direct/Hybrid Swap) and read them thoroughly.

    Position yourself first: If you are using the "Standard" setting, position yourself to be aimed at a wall or non-enemy target.  If you are using the "Precision" setting, position yourself to be aimed at an enemy or target dummy that has in-game aim assist.  For the "Trigger Dynamic" setting, you will likely have to check both.

    Enter Quick Edit Mode: While HOLDING , , or the ACTIVATOR PADDLE BUTTON, HOLD or  until you feel a pulsing rumble.
    At this point, some of your controls will be restricted, but you will still be able to test your current weapon.  Anti-Recoil in this GAMEPACK is AIM DOWN SIGHTS ONLY so remember to do so while testing.

    You will be HOLDING or TAPPING the D-PAD to adjust Anti-Recoil.  You will feel heavy rumbles as you adjust until you otherwise reach the adjustment ceiling or floor.  For the Vertical Anti-Recoil, DOWNWARDS pulls down, and UPWARDS pulls up.  For the Horizontal Anti-Recoil, RIGHTWARDS pulls right, and LEFTWARDS pulls left.
    Warning: It may be impossible to achieve perceptively perfect results, especially if the weapon has randomized recoil or if the weapon attachment drastically alters the recoil pattern, so please manage your expectations.
    In some cases with Weapon Attachments, it may be better to use Pattern Strength Adjustments, especially when the recoil pattern maintains its basic shape.  This is an advanced setting, and if it is NOT needed, you should stick to Directional Adjustments.  While in Quick Edit Mode, TAP or to switch to Pattern Strength Mode.  This resets and repurpose the Weapon Slot's Anti-Recoil settings, and the pulsing rumble changes to bursts of rumble.  For the Vertical Anti-Recoil, DOWN increases the vertical strength, and UP decreases the vertical strength.  For the Horizontal Anti-Recoil, RIGHT increases the horizontal strength, and LEFT decreases the horizontal strength.  Please see our Quick Edit Anti-Recoil video for a full explanation of using this feature.
    If you mess things up, reset Anti-Recoil to default by HOLDING or until you feel two heavy rumbles.
    To save and exit Quick Edit Mode, PRESS or  .  The rumbling will stop, and your adjusted values will be saved.