The following MODS can ONLY be setup in MOD Central:
Once any of these MODS are ENABLED in MOD Central, WHILE HOLDING , PRESS R3 / RS to SUSPEND / RESUME OPTIONAL HERO MODS.  (Suspended: Heavy Rumble / Resumed: Light Rumble).

AIM ASSIST maximizes the in-game aim assisting mechanics to subtly assist your aim at all possible times.

  • Always Activate (Secondary Fire):  WHILE HOLDING SECONDARY FIRE, Ana / Widowmaker will aim then fire on RELEASE.
  • Press Sensitive (Secondary Fire):  WHILE FULLY HOLDING SECONDARY FIRE, Ana / Widowmaker will aim then fire on RELEASE.
  • NOTE:  These MODS place Quick Scope on SECONDARY FIRE and have no association with the HERO MOD Quick Scope.

ASHE RAPID FIRE:  HOLD PRIMARY FIRE for Ashe to rapidly fire as quickly as possible.

BAPTISTE EXO BOOST:  HOLD JUMP for Baptiste to automatically crouch then exo boost on RELEASE.

ECHO AUTO GLIDE:  This MOD is ON by default.  Echo will automatically glide at all possible times.  Warning:  Interacting with the in-game menu can sometimes be a bit odd when this MOD is ON.  Refer to the suspend / resume feature at the top of this page.  Otherwise, if you press OPTIONS / MENU, or PS / HOME, this MOD will automatically suspend until you next feel a rumble.

GENJI DOUBLE JUMP:  TAP JUMP to double jump at any time or while HOLDING , TAP OR to activate automatic double jumping, ideally when you are trying to hold a point.  TAP JUMP or MENU / OPTIONS to shut off automatic double jumping.

  • Enabled:  McCree / Roadhog recoil will be controlled.
  • Enabled Inverted:  McCree / Roadhog recoil will be controlled (for when the in-game "Invert Vertical Look" setting is "ON").

This setting affects Mercy's Hero MOD 2 behavior:
  • On Tap (Manual Jump Required Afterwards):  "On Tap" will make Mercy crouch, then Guardian Angel towards her target; afterwards, you will need to time your jump to get the best boost.
  • Jump on Release: "Jump on Release" will function similarly, but when you release the Hero MOD 2 Button, Mercy will jump (you still need to time it accordingly).
    You can switch between modes during gameplay.  WHILE HOLDING TOUCHPAD / VIEW, TAP her ABILITY 1 button.
  • (Jump on Release: Heavy Rumble / On Tap: Light Rumble).

    SOLDER: 76 AUTO RUN:  WHILE MOVING FORWARD, Soldier: 76 will automatically run at full speed.