All adjustable MODS can be adjusted in MOD Central.  This section provides information on adjusting them on your controller using Menu Mode.
For a visualization of how a typical GAMEPACK's Menu Mode works in practice, as well as adjusting Anti-Recoil, please see either XB1 Dominator or XB1 Eliminator.
  • To enter Menu Mode, HOLD for at least 5 seconds.
  • You MUST remain HOLDING to stay in Menu Mode:
Menu Mode Navigation:
  • navigates UP a CLASS.
  • navigates DOWN a CLASS.
  • WHITE LED (XB1) flashes indicate the currently selected CLASS number.
  • navigates UP a MOD within the currently selected CLASS.
  • navigates DOWN a MOD within the currently selected CLASS.
  • This will change your currently ENABLED MOD!
  • GREEN LED (XB1) flashes indicate the currently ENABLED MOD number.
  • You MUST be selected on the correct MOD to adjust it.
Number of White (XB1) flashes
Number of Green (XB1) flashes
You MUST be selected on the correct MOD to adjust it
1. Weapon Fire
1: Optimized Rapid Fire
2: Rapid Fire Adjustable
3: Pulse Fire Adjustable
Rapid/Pulse Adjustable Fire -
Speed:  LB Decrease  |  RB Increase  |  RT Test
2. Weapon Fire Activation
0: Always Activate
1: Press Sensitive
3. Anti-Recoil
1: Enabled
2: Enabled Inverted
Anti-Recoil -
Weight:  LB Heavier |  RB Lighter  |  RT Test
25-30 is usually a good starting point
Higher recoil requires heavier weight
Too much weight and your weapon will point at the floor
4. Easy Boost
1: Strafe Axis
2: Move Axis
3: Both Axis
Easy Boost -
Forgiving Timing:  LB More |  RB Less
Timing that is too forgiving may cause accidental activations
Timing that is NOT forgiving enough may become impossible to activate
5. Auto Run
1: MOD Enabled
Auto Run -
Reload Wait Time:  LB Decrease |  RB Increase
Number of RT rumbles (XB1)  |  2-6 (2 is DEFAULT)
This setting is NOT saved
Adjust ONLY if Auto Run is cancelling the reload of your weapons
6. Jump Stabilizer
1: MOD Enabled
7. Quick Scope
1: Tap 500ms Adjustable
2: Press Sensitive Adjustable
3: Fully Auto Adjustable
4: Fire on Release
Quick Scope -
Timing:  L1 / LB Slower  |  R1 / RB Faster  |  L2 / LT Test
Fire on Release is NOT adjustable
8. Hair Triggers
1: MOD Enabled
9. Button Layout & Flipped
0: Default
1: Southpaw
2: Boxer
3: Green Thumb
4: Bumper Jumper
5: Recon
6: Fishstick
7: Halo 4
8: Peashooter
9: Helljumper
MATCH your in-game Button Layout
Bumpers/Triggers Swap (Flipped) -
TAP LB to toggle (ON: Heavy Rumble / OFF: Light Rumble)
10. Stick Layout
0: Default
1: Southpaw
2: Legacy
3: Legacy Southpaw
MATCH your in-game Stick Layout