The following Global MODS and PURPLE MOD Central settings can ONLY be setup in MOD Central:

AUTO HOLD BREATH once set in MOD Central, WHILE SCOPING IN YOUR SNIPER RIFLE, you will automatically hold your breath.
HAIR TRIGGERS once set in MOD Central, register as fully pressed as quickly as possible to improve reaction time, without affecting MODS such as "ADS Dynamic Fire".

Global MODS Suspend / Resume:  WHILE HOLDING TOUCHPAD / VIEW, PRESS R3 / RS to SUSPEND / RESUME GLOBAL MODS (Suspended: Heavy Rumble / Resumed: Light Rumble).

IMPORTANT:  Type A (Toggle Aim) is UNSUPPORTED with several MODS.  These include ADS Anti-Recoil, Auto Hold Breath, Auto Lean, Crouch Aim, Quick Scope and Rapid Crouch Aim.  This is because these MODS require you to HOLD the Aim Down Sights button, which goes against the concept of toggle aim.