This section covers initial GAMEPACK setup that is REQUIRED for MODS to function correctly.

BEFORE USING THIS GAMEPACK, you will need to match certain settings with your in-game settings.
VIBRATION SETTINGS MUST BE ON, both in-game and in your console’s menu settings.
MATCH YOUR CONTROLLER CONFIG:  Choose between Builder Pro, Combat Pro, or Custom if you are using an in-game Custom Controller Configuration.
BUILD MODE TRACKING:  This will be explained in more detail later.  For now, we recommend Improved Tracking, or if your in-game "Confirm Edit On Release" setting is "ON", Improved Tracking (Confirm Edit On Release).
MATCH YOUR SWITCH MODE SETTINGS:  If you are instead using just "Switch Mode".  You will need to set your "Switch Mode Settings" from "Switch Mode / Edit" to "Switch Mode".
MATCH YOUR EDIT HOLD TIME:  This ranges from 0.100 - 0.250, or 100 - 250 as it is displayed in the Game Pack Configuration.

If you have selected Custom, match the following, found towards the bottom of the Game Pack Configuration, with your in-game Custom Controller Configuration:
For Combat Controls, match:
Aim Down Sights
Attack / Confirm
Previous Weapon
Next Weapon
Reload / Interact
Switch Mode / Edit
Edit:  If you have bound a dedicated Edit button, match it; otherwise, keep it as Unbound.
For Edit Controls, match:
Select – Edit Mode
Confirm – Edit Mode
Reset – Edit Mode
For Combat, Build, and Edit Controls (All Controls), match:
Toggle Pickaxe
Emote / Replay
Squad Comms

  • Please ONLY use the in-game Controller Configuration to ensure proper functioning of MODS.  In-game Custom Controller Configuration is supported. DO NOT REMAP your controls outside of the game with the PlayStation® Custom Button Assignments or Xbox® Accessories App, etc.
  • Touchpad / View is vital for toggling MODS; we DO NOT SUPPORT the remapping of any in-game function to this button other than what is default to the game (the Toggle Map button).
  • We recommend the default value for the in-game Deadzone setting.  Altering this setting can cause MODS such as Aim Assist to behave sub-optimally.