(Auto Run is now removed due to the in-game "Automatic Sprint" doing the same job).
(You can ONLY cancel your Fast Reload by FIRING now).
FAST RELOAD as the name suggests, allows you to manually reload your weapons faster.  It also features a RELOAD CANCEL mechanic where you can FIRE to cancel your reload if suddenly need to get back into the fight.  Once this Global MOD is set in MOD Central, timings are still weapon specific, so in order for the MOD to work, you will need to change the timings using the FAST RELOAD RECORDER.  For information on using the recorder, please refer to the ADVANCED PROFILE SYSTEM section.

Fast Reload Suspend / Resume:  WHILE HOLDING TOUCHPAD / VIEW, PRESS R3 / RS to SUSPEND / RESUME AUTO RUN & FAST RELOAD (Suspended: Heavy Rumble / Resumed: Light Rumble).