In the MOD Central GAMEPACK Configuration, you will find Menu Class: Button Layout and its related adjustable settings.
Button Layout includes mandatory button settings that MUST MATCH your in-game settings, as well as some optional quality of life settings.
Every setting in this GAMEPACK can be adjusted in either MOD Central or Menu Mode... whichever you find most convenient.

Set Button Layout to MATCH your in-game setting:
  • 1 - Default
  • 2 - Tactical
  • 3 - Lefty
  • 4 - Charlie
  • 5 - One-Handed Gunslinger
  • 6 - Bumper Jumper
  • 7 - Bumper Jumper Tactical
  • 8 - Stick and Move
  • 9 - Bumper Ping
  • 10 - Tactical Ping
  • 11 - Brawler

Set Flip L2/R2 with L1/R1 or Flip LT/RT with LB/RB to MATCH your in-game setting.

Hair Trigger is an optional setting that can improves trigger response time by removing the in-game analog sensitivity of the triggers.
  • Disabled
  • Left Trigger
  • Right Trigger
  • Both Triggers

Activator offers different ways to enter Menu Mode, "Default", "Pass Through" and "Legacy":
  • "Default":  HOLD and , or and together for a second.  When you feel a heavy rumble, you can release both buttons.  The gameplay function of these buttons will only be outputted with a long hold or upon their release to prevent in-game menus from unexpectedly opening.
  • "Pass Through":  Entering Menu Mode is the same as "Default".  The gameplay function of these buttons will always be outputted without delay, but in-game menus will open and close while you are using the Activator.
  • "Legacy Menu Entry":  HOLD for 5 seconds.  When you feel a heavy rumble, you can release the D-PAD.

Block Game Rumble is a MOD friendly way to block out any rumbles that are coming from the game itself; for players that dislike Controller Vibration.  It is an optional work around for the requirement that Controller Vibration MUST be ON in your game and console settings; Controller Vibration is mandatory for MODS such as Weapon AI to function correctly.