The following Global MODS and PURPLE MOD Central settings can ONLY be setup in MOD Central:

HAIR TRIGGERS once set in MOD Central, register as fully pressed as quickly as possible to improve reaction time.
AUTO RUN once set in MOD Central, activates SPRINT / RUN while the MOVEMENT ANALOG STICK is FULLY moved FORWARD to the EDGE.
Auto Run Provides Enhanced Mobility:
  • Turn with your CAMERA ANALOG STICK, vault while running by TAPPING and vault from in cover by FULLY PUSHING FORWARD.
Auto Run Sensitivity (%) can be adjusted in MOD Central.  This setting allows you to fine tune how FAR FORWARD you have to push the MOVEMENT ANALOG STICK to activate Auto Run.
TURBO MELEE allows you repeatedly melee as quickly as possible for the best chance of winning in a chainsaw lock.  Once Turbo Melee is set in MOD Central:
HOLD MELEE to repeatedly melee as quickly as possible.