The ALTERNATE XP GENERATOR is currently REQUIRED on the XB1 STRIKEPACK DOMINATOR; this DOES NOT affect the STRIKEPACK ELIMINATOR.  You can also activate it on PS4 if you want to.  This generator will never leave games early but it is significantly less realistic as your character WILL NOT move around and there are no mechanisms to attempt a recovery, meaning there is an overall higher chance of it getting stuck.

  • STEP 1:  Completely close and restart the game.  DO NOT SELECT Creative at any point after restarting as this will cause an in-game quirk that will lead to the generator getting stuck.

  • STEP 2:  Once you are in the Battle Royale Lobby, to avoid players randomly joining your party, set Party Privacy to PRIVATE.

  • STEP 3:  To avoid damaging your stats, set Game Mode to TEAM RUMBLE or a Limited Time Mode (LTM); preferably one where you will respawn.
  • To avoid random players being matched into your party, set to DON'T FILL.
  • At this point, if you want to invite your friends for the XP boost, ensure that their XP Generators are up to date and that they have saved slots to device.

  • STEP 4:  From the Battle Royale Lobby, WHILE PRESSING & HOLDING L3 / LS, PRESS OR to start up the ALTERNATE XP GENERATOR (Heavy Rumble and flashes).  If you have friends with you they should start up the ALTERNATE XP GENERATOR at the same time.

NOTE:  You are going to see the ALTERNATE XP GENERATOR do what you may deem as a lot of strange things which are all part of its process but its main visual difference over the XP GENERATOR is that your character will stay in a single location on the ground.  The ALTERNATE XP GENERATOR will keep re-entering games for as long as you have a stable internet connection to the server.  When you wish to shut off the generator, simply repeat the button presses in Step 4 (Light Rumble).

WARNING:  The use of in-game generators may be a violation of a given publishers terms of use agreement.  PLEASE USE THEM RESPONSIBLY.  The use of such generators is at the sole risk of the subscriber.  While these bans are rare, Mod Pass accepts no responsibility for account bans, suspensions or deactivations associated with such violations.